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SheLift is a 501 (c)3 organization that empowers girls with physical differences to improve self-acceptance and confidence through outdoor adventures and body-positive mentorship. SheLift provides experiences to young women with disabilities to help them live authentic lives and connect with others. SheLift aims to normalize differences while developing, challenging, and nurturing girls’ physical and emotional abilities.


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Serving girls with physical differences 

SheLift offers once-in-a-lifetime experiential retreats for girls with physical differences. Our retreats are designed to take girls out of their comfort zones in an effort to help them discover true ability. We work closely with coaching professionals to provide a holistic learning experience that serves mind, body and spirit.


Our Story

SheLift was founded by Sarah Herron, the Colorado native who gained her notoriety on ABC’s The Bachelor for being the first contestant with a physical disability. Sarah was born with Amniotic Band Syndrome, but it hasn’t stopped her from climbing mountains, skiing double black diamonds and even searching for love on television. It was the outreach of young women who watched and related to Sarah on the show that inspired her to start SheLift.

SheLift aims to share Sarah's love for outdoor adventures – specifically in the mountains – and the transformative powers of adventure. Sarah wants to share with other women that whether it's on the slopes, on a trail or on a show... finding love is possible, and it starts with yourself.

 Photo Credit:  Brandon Kidd

Photo Credit: Brandon Kidd

“Sport, specifically skiing has been a profoundly transformative sport for me which is why I wanted to share it with SheLift girls. Growing up, I never took an interest to sports or outdoor activity because my confidence was so low that I always assumed I would look foolish attempting activities designed for “able-bodied” people. I was so concerned with perceptions and my image, that I missed out on experiences that had the ability to change my life completely. I was 25 years old when I decided to face my fears and attempt skiing for the first time – despite how ridiculous I thought I was going to look. I was instantly hooked by the adrenaline of realizing I was actually GOOD at something. As I began to progress, I started to care less and less about what others thought of me on the mountain and began to push myself more. I soon realized that with each new run I came down faster and better, my confidence skyrocketed. This confidence translated into a new-found self-acceptance that didn’t come from anyone else’s approval or acceptance of me, it was 100% self-made. That’s when I knew I had to share this magic with others. I wanted to create a program that challenged girls to take risks in order to overcome something that’s held them back in life, and I wanted the risks to be designed around outdoor adventure sports.”


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